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Speedpaint 21# by GetsugaDante

2015 is near to it's end, so we will have a feature with some of the work you submitted this year.
We will do it as a folder feature, which means, we take some picture from each folder and present it to you.
(Therefore it's possible that some of you are featured for more than one folder.)

Have a great holiday-season and a happy new year.

~ Featured ~

the Guildmaster by Tsabo6 Kili - The Hobbit by Namecchan Fox and jay by Atan

~ Other Fantasy - Drawings and Paintings ~

 Blackberry dragon by MilicaClk
North enchantress by Kceon 5 Hearts by cha4os Poisonous honey by AliceYuric

~ Other Fantasy - Photography and Photomanipulations ~

IT'S TIME... by EBENEWOOD Bride by phantastes

~ Other Fantasy - 3D-Art ~

Fight with lionar by hontor Awoken Sculpture by stanuch-przemyslaw Dragon egg sculpture by Hamera
Autumn Leaves by Andecaya Daredevil by MarcMons007

~ Movies - Drawings and Paintings ~

Bootsstrap by Naranb Immortal Joe by zimagzeravla
Fan-art Friday: Charmed - Phoebe by Kaizoku-hime Pocahontas. Disney fanart. by Taiss14 Request: Sailor Jupiter by E-mi-ko

~ Movies - Photgraphy and Photomanipulation ~

They're dragons Khaleesi, they can never be tamed. by elderflowercosplay Sweeney Todd Japan Expo by Carancerth Daenerys Targaryen by elara-dark

~ Games - Drawings and Paintings ~

World of Warcraft: Legion fanart by GetsugaDante
Guild Wars 2 Necromancer - OC Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku

~ Games - Photography and Photomanipulations ~

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ID by Folkenstal Dark Brotherhood Assassin by sintar Destiny Hunter The Mask of the Third Man Cosplay by SKSProps

~ Books and Literature - Drawings and Paintings ~

Legends of Candralar - Two enemies finally meet by Candralar Snow Queen with Kai. by snuapril01
Brothers - Fire and Ice by matejcadil Smaug by Skyybi

~ Books and Literature - Photography and Photomanipulations ~

Lestat and Galya Key of Dreams by Carancerth
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker VI by DashingTonyLima The Phantom by sintar

~ Books and Literature - Scripts ~

Day in the Life: Yaqone-Nantuk
image by dashinvaine
ad already alerted the makeshift Kakrayak village of their coming. It was midday, and the sun stood at its highest point – timidly peaking over the horizon of the Tashana Tundra, only to vanish again in a bit over an hour. Yaq-Nan was glad of that, for it allowed him to see the great moons, the guides and protectors of his people. He knew they were there even during the day, but their power was apparent in its greatest form only when they shone in the sky. This night the Storm and the Healer’s Moons would stand full in the sky, along with King Nymm. A night of three full moons, Yaq-Nan mused. A good omen. Nymm promised hospitality in the village, and Therendor healing for his new ward; as for Zarantyr, the First Moon, full in its ascendant face, it foretold a cold storm. It would be good to reach the village, and its warm hearths.
  They had begun their day by washing
Abominations by ElevenIt had seemed like forever before the school run had been completed. Jenny had been rather resistant to going to school and had been crying on the way. The previous night, Kirsty had successfully cleansed the hair of all three children from lice. She suspected she would be performing the same operation by the end of the week. The children escorted to school, she could get on with the day's work for the Department.
Kirsty Scrivener pulled up her Land Rover at the arranged rendezvous with the SAS men.
Before stepping out of the vehicle, she slipped off her high heeled shoes. Her office shoes were hardly going to do for this operation. She pulled on her socks and then a set of combat boots. She then stepped out of the car.
An SAS lietenant greeted Kirsty.
"Good morning, lieutenant. You've briefed your men on what we face in that building?" she asked.
"Yes, Ma'am. They have been fully briefed. All of them have taken part in these kind of operations and know what to expect," replied the off
Lynn d'Vadalis XII: Judgement Day

image by dashinvaine
“WE DEMAND THAT THE ACCUSED BE PUT TO THE QUESTION!” Sithov shouted, red in the face and looking wilder than usual. “As recommended in the writings of Marial of Wyr.”
   The tribunal had convened in a room Lynn had never seen before. Like the Divinity School, its ceiling and walls were kept in the most uplifting Flamic style, in stark contrast with the seriousness of the proceedings. Prosecution, in the form of Father Sithov, and defence, with Father Arrun, had taken their places in the opposing pulpits, carried on the wings of couatl, the simple elegance of Father Arrun’s appearance contrasting sharply with the wild appearance of Dariznu’s representative. Counsels for both parties were seated in the benches underneath the respective pulpit, with the tribunal enthroned at the far end on seats decorated with fire motifs. The inquisitors had their faces hidden

~ Other Sci-Fi - Drawings and Paintings ~

Mecha Emperor by jeffchendesigns Hybrid by Inna-Vjuzhanina THRALL-close up by setvasai

~ Other Sci-Fi - Photography and Photomanipulations ~

...Human hunter ... by Antiochia ... the Goa'uld Princess ... by Antiochia

 ~ Other Sci-Fi - 3D-Art ~

The Avengers- oversized hideaway box by RFabiano
BiorobH by WorldOfGabriel PPC FIDEA TUNNEL by madcomm

~ Concepts and Scraps ~

Angel Sketch by ArmaniStyles Evil knight by Ork-artist Fisher by Valhalrion

dragon by RedMorpho

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General Information

:pointr: Do you like Fantasy? Do you know all the characters? Then show our members your deviations of Fantasy and Sci-Fi characters.

:pointr: I founded this group especially for deviations of characters from every fantasygame, -book or -movie.
Everyone can submit his deviations as long as these show a Fantasycharacter. It can also be your own Original Character as long as it's Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

:pointr: Whenever we get new affiliates, we will inform you about them in a blog-entry.

:pointr: When we get information about a contest holded by our affiliates, we will inform you about that in a blog entry.

:pointr: We will inform you about projects around dA in our blog. This will make you able to take part of every project you want and you can also tell us about your projects to inform others about it.

If you need/want more information or if you have questions, please send a note to Sabbelbina

Have fun by publishing your deviations!

We are officially looking for new administrators, who can vote, write journals and help with the updates of our group.
We are in need for one or two admins.

Everyone wanting to help, please write a note to the group or to Sabbelbina by saying you want to be an admin for Fantasy-Characters.


These are some of our affiliates. Take a look at these wonderful groups.
Maybe there are some for you, too.







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